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How Interactive Displays Are Replacing the Chalkboard

Older generations often believe in the old saying "children should be seen, but not heard." Teachers required that their students memorize the lesson information that was typically listed on the chalkboard. Today's schoolrooms are far different. More educators promote interactive learning methods, and teachers commonly admit to simply replacing the chalkboard with better classroom equipment like realistic graphic displays, 3D printing, and clever interactive displays.

Benefits of Adding Smart Boards S.T.E.M. Labs A/V Equipment Inside of Ordinary Classrooms

Tips on Providing a Secure Network in Your School for Educators, Administrators, and Students

Are you sure that your school network is fully secure? This is a crucial issue that you can't afford to be smug about. When it comes to making sure that your school network is completely secured, there is a steep learning curve. However, with expert aid and counsel from a reputable authority, this can be easily negotiated.

Clamp Down on Multiple User Logins


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