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Interactive Displays

Create an engaged classroom or training room with affordable technology that brings out the best in you and your students.

Classroom Technologies is always looking for the latest innovations in classroom technology, for students, teachers and parents. Ten years ago the classroom was a totally different environment, and 10 years from now, it will also be totally different. The main reason for these changes is technology, plain and simple. Today we’ll discuss interactive whiteboards, and how they’re changing the modern classroom.

Interactive white boards are one of the newest and most productive classroom technologies to become popular in the last 10 years. Interactive whiteboards, also known as “SMART” boards, are radically enhancing the classroom. Imagine this: no projector, no speaker and no paper jamming malfunctions to get in the way of your flow. Interactive whiteboards are quickly becoming a standard in secondary and higher education.

An interactive whiteboard works by connecting to your computer and transposing its images to a whitebord sized touch screen (the interactive whiteboard). This interface enables students and teachers to engage together, to interact on the platform, together. Interactive whiteboards will certainly change the M.O. of classroom interaction in years to come. Classroom Technologies will make this change a possibility, and serve the next generation’s classroom need.