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Ensuring a Secure Learning Environment for Your School

Educators today face many security challenges that previous generations did not have to worry about. Parents, teachers and school boards across the country are concerned about the growing threat of severe violence inside their learning institutions. Technology companies have risen to these new safety challenges. There are newer advanced security systems designed to protect students, teachers and other staff inside schools that includes high resolution security cameras. There are still many schools that do not have any security cameras present.

School administration leaders need a way to quickly lock down their buildings when a threat arises. This threat could be military related, an intruder, a bomb threat or an active shooter situation. There are now high-tech shooter-detection units that sense when a gun fires by sound and recoil flashes. This device can be linked to other security devices like a prox-card access system designed to swiftly lock down the school. It initiates fire doors to close and lock requiring an authorized access card to open. Many school districts have decided to enhance and upgrade their security measures and proactive monitoring technology.

Many students are stressed while in their classrooms due to recent news airings of active shooters inside a school setting. Schools are opting to utilize devices capable of discerning gunshot blasts and broken glass sounds. The activated shooter-detection device can be linked to a rapid response system that alerts local emergency response teams and the school officials. Years back, a deadly shooting on a college campus was contained quickly because students were alerted via computers and cell phones to stay away from the danger area. This type of technology can also be linked to the school's prox-card access setup that initiates the fire door closure and lock down systems.

It makes sense to prepare for these all too real dangers in today's societies. Preparation training and proactive monitoring can save lives and might deter criminals from targeting a protected building. It is wise to have a security plan in place that staff members are fully trained on. These safety plans should be practiced regularly with students in the way that fire and weather emergency drills are already practiced. Installing more sensitive security cameras and requiring that only trusted individuals carry prox-card access security items is the first step in protecting innocent people.