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Tips on Protecting Yourself from Cyber-bullying

The Internet and computers are changing how people communicate, research and learn new things. Unfortunately, this access to the online world can become dangerous for young people. Bullying has been around for many decades, and this action is common in schools. Most students have access to a computer at home. Scores of students have reported that they were bullied online by other students.

The Drastic Effects of Cyberbullying on Students

Cyber-bullying has become a national topic that all parents, teachers and school officials should be aware of. The drastic and devastating effects of this form of online bullying are deeply troubling. This issue should be a conversation in every home, classroom or school related meetings. Some students become so despondent over the bullying tactics that they become severely anxious and/or depressed. Sadly, a number of these students attempt suicide. The intense pressure of cyber-related bullying makes the victims feel unsafe at school and at home.

Ways That School Officials Can Improve on Security Measures

There are some effective ways that school officials can implement to improve their school's security measures. The installment of better security cameras in the school can allow officials to catch a bullying act on video. These cameras should be installed outside too, since many student fights and bullying incidents tend to occur where there are no cameras or teachers present. Schools should also limit access to the school by installing some type of secure door access safety lock. Some students that have been bullied in school or online could become angry and revert to revenge behaviors. Schools are urged to seriously consider shooter detection and/or gunshot detection protection systems that will automatically lock-down school areas deemed in danger and alert safety guards and law enforcement to respond.

How STEM Labs, Smart Boards and Interactive Displays are Improving the Student's Learning Experience

Keeping kids interested in what they are learning has never been this fun. Teachers are finding that interactive displays, smart boards S.T.E.M. labs A/V equipment and 3D printing options are great high-tech education tools that can encourage more student involvement and deeper understanding of classroom lessons.

Parents, teachers and students can all benefit immensely from these and other phenomenal technically enhanced education and/or safety driven electronics, safety equipment and learning tools. Additionally, every community should take action against bullying.