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How STEM Classroom Labs Are Ushering in New Ways of Teaching Students

The best classrooms use cutting-edge educational science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) resources. Experts predict that high-tech skills will be necessary for 1 in 20 jobs. Learn how STEM classroom labs are ushering in new ways of teaching students.

Interactive Whiteboard Benefits

Education might have forever changed when Apple provided free computers to schools in the 1980s. What this accomplished was the introduction of students to high-tech, science, engineering and math. The children started thinking about computer logic, GOTO and If-Then statements. During this tech immersion, the United States created the next generation of computer programmers, game designers and Internet technicians that allowed it to dominate the world. We hope to do the same. Nowadays, due to smartphones and educational technology, young people might know more about certain high-tech gadgets and the Internet than their parents do. Making students comfortable with tech, expands their horizons. It gives them important job skills for tomorrow. Provide computers to your students and they will already have the computer skills that employers demand. Our interactive whiteboards make learning fun, engage students and provide them with an outlet for creative expression. Whiteboard lessons are pre-loaded for ease of use.

Students Mastering High Tech

America operates in a global economy. Every day, American businesses must compete with international firms. Science, engineering and math provide the means for the future growth, productivity and manufacture of the goods that tomorrow's consumers want and need. Inventors, such as Edison, Ford and Bezos have used their knowledge to create industry-leading multinational corporations. It is estimated that 2.8 million jobs will be related to the aforementioned high-tech skills. The best education prepares students for the best jobs. We help schools by providing them with the most effective tools to inspire, engage and teach their students how to succeed in the high-tech world of tomorrow. Everywhere you go, you see the Internet. Our high-tech tools allow students to become integral workers in the Digital Age.

Creating Tomorrow's Leaders

Paving the way for future success begins today. We, at Classroom Technologies can conduct an assessment to gauge your present tech characteristics and develop a plan for future success. We provide security, installation and tech resources to help educators and students increase knowledge. Students are leaders of tomorrow and need to be proficient in the latest tech gadgets, products and solutions. Pave the way for future success with tech-based education resources.