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Five Technology Trends for the Classroom

Classrooms of the future are going to be very different from what people of older generations are used to. They will be highly interactive STEM labs filled with the latest technology for training and learning. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect.

Flipped Learning

Students of the future can look forward to a blend of absorbing lessons at home via smart displays, then following up this training with additional assignments in a live class. This blended or "flipped" style of education combines traditional teaching with modern technology. The goal is to get students more used to doing online research while still being guided by the hand of a live teacher.

Remote Education

If students can't always make it to a live classroom, this doesn't mean that they will miss out on receiving a top notch education. They can do it through smart displays on a computer screen that connect them to a live classroom environment. This keeps them up to date on the education that they need to receive.


Boring class work can be transformed into an exciting gaming experience. This is the theory behind gamification and it's one that is working miracles. Instead of leafing through a dry, boring textbook, students can use the technology of the world wide web to play games that give them the info they need to know. It's a great way to keep their minds and hands occupied while also developing their research skills.

Digital Textbooks

One of the biggest developments in modern education is the rise of digital textbooks. This is a major money saving move for many schools as traditional textbooks are only growing more expensive by the year. Allowing your students to download digital e-texts is a great way to give them the knowledge they need to absorb. It's also a good way to get them up to speed on how to make use of the world wide web.

Social Media

You may think that spending time on social media networks is the worst enemy of education. After all, there's so much junk there for your students to waste their time and energy on. But there is also a great deal of educational material that modern STEM labs can take full advantage of. When used judiciously, social media networks can provide a great deal of educational material. It will also help to make their classwork more exciting.