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We understand the needs of all the parties involved in the Education sector. Classroom Technologies has created systems that would serve the interests of every stakeholder for optimal benefits. Here is the list of our services.

School Security Systems: We have a broad range of security gadgets which help to create a safe environment in Schools. Our High-tech customized offerings are streamlined to meet the unique needs of each School. We have made different propositions which gives each School the option to pick any Security item based on their budget, student size and any other peculiarities that work for them.

Ultramodern Fittings: Our dynamic technological applications can help the Educational experience become richer. We have worked extensively in Classroom Technologies to keep our services in line with the contemporary realities in Schools. This has made us evolve systems that has brought high success rates in various spheres of the educational institutions in which they were deployed.

Generally, our team is constantly upgrading our platform to serve new products that are in line with each School's operational objectives.