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Managed IT Solutions

The digital classroom empowers educators to teach critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation. With the help of interactive technologies, teachers are better equipped to prepare today’s students for their futures.

Digital Signage

The use of digital signage, paired with the proper teaching software, can help engage students by providing the opportunity to interact with vivid images, presentations, video, and audio. Because each classroom is unique, these systems are available in a wide variety of configurations.

Mobile Device Management

Managing the use of mobile devices is one of the toughest challenges faced by school districts today. While providing flexibility can increase productivity, it can become a burden with security concerns and proper authorization of users or new devices.

Google Apps & Microsoft Office 365

Manage Docs, Sites, Blogs, Email, Picasa, Class Calendars and more with software tools designed for collaboration. Easily track student progress, homework and assignments with just a few clicks.

Infrastructure Cabling

Cabling is the lifeline of your IT network, transmitting the voice, data, and video signals you depend on each day for your critical business activities. Your cabling system may be the smallest part of your network investment, but as the network component with the longest life cycle, it can deliver significant, long-lasting benefits.

Telephony / VOIP / Data Solutions / Paging / Voice Amplification

VoIP is a technology that has the potential to completely rework the world's phone systems. By fully integrating your information technology and telephony networks, our featured solutions not only allow you to eliminate the cost of redundant infrastructures, but also provides you with enhanced management capabilities.


From confidential classroom information to sensitive financial records, the data you transfer on a daily basis ensures the successful operation and credibility of your business. Every time you transport this data, you place it at risk. To reduce these risks and to stay current with progressing compliance issues, you need a safe and reliable networking solution.