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Security Solutions

Video Surveillance

Ensure a safe learning environment with our multitude of options in installing a security video surveillance system.

Our HD cameras and enterprise-level surveillance management systems gives you the tools and skills necessary to ensure a safe learning environment.  Ask about the potential savings to your insurance when requesting more information about our camera systems.

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Access Control Management

With Access Control Management you have the ability to easily secure your facilities. Our solutions range from entry-level to high-end multi building systems that provide the flexibility and performance you expect.

Benefits of having an Access Control System:

  • The ability to dynamically secure areas of your facility.
  • Lockdown your school in an emergency situation.
  • Track who and when staff enter secure areas.

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Alert Management

Silent Alert
Designed for protecting people at the front desk, the receptionist can remain engaged in conversation with a visitor while discreetly alerting others in the facility – and police if necessary – to an escalating situation.  With 2 clicks of the mouse, a notification is sent through our Command & Control system to designated groups of people with exact location information of where to assist.

Seamless Integration With Your Infrastructure
Both gunshot and breaking glass sound detection systems can be seamlessly integrated to provide even faster response times. Integration with access control and fire door activation systems is easily accomplished through our control panel. Lock, unlock, and close doors automatically once the system is activated.

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Amberbox Gunshot Detection

AmberBox is a detection and response system designed to protect lives in an indoor active shooter incident. By utilizing their patented tri-factor authentication technology, the system delivers rapid gunshot detection with a near-zero false alarm rate. AmberBox automates the emergency process to significantly reduce response time and remove human error.

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